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Article Oct 29, 2022

Ephesus, the peak of antiquity

1155 admin Ephesus, the peak of antiquity

Azilica is 165 meters long and it was built in A.D. It was built by the Romans in the 1st century.


Trade Agora

Agora, which is the starting point of Marble Street, is the most important commercial and cultural center of the city. Agora, which is 110 meters in size and surrounded by shops, is a proof of how active the commercial life in Ephesus was at that time. B.C. The commercial Agora, which was established in the 3rd century, reached its present shape during the reign of Emperor Augustus.


Hercules Gate

Passing through the Curetes street, we see the Hercules Gate with the relief of Hercules between the two columns. This area, where the gate is located, is the Gate of Hercules, which is one of the most beautiful photo spots of Ephesus, and is a gate consisting of two columns.


Ephesus Odeons

There are great theaters in Roman ancient cities; there are also small meeting areas that we call the Odeon, which is very similar to a theatre. This semi-circular area that you can see is an odeon, with these columns and sitting groups around it, expanding to the back. The nobles of the city come together, in this city council, both the city talks and some critical decisions are taken.


Trajan's Fountain

When we say fountain, we think of Ottoman and Seljuk fountains. The fountain logic in us is generally charity, that is, helping. Roman fountains are built entirely on pomp, as we have seen in other monumental architectures of the city. It symbolizes the divine power of the person who made it. Trajan's Fountain is one of the most famous fountains in Rome.


Curetes Street

It is one of the most important streets where famous ceremonies are held. Sacrifices were passed here, and people used to perform their holiday ceremonies on this street. The street is truly magnificent. The street, which is covered with marble, is 8 meters wide. On the right and left of the street, there are colonnades and porticoes, and at the back of these porticos, there are shops. In ancient times, there was a statue in front of each column. Today, only remnants of them remain.


Hadrian's Temple Gate

Hadrian's Temple was thought to be on Curetes Street for a long time. However, according to the latest determinations, the Temple of Hadrian was built in a region close to the port, A.D. It was built in the 2nd century. However, M.S. It is known that the building, which was the entrance to the sanctuary of Hadrian's Temple in the 5th century, was moved to this street, that is, to its current location.


Slope Houses Noble Apartment

The flat consists of rooms and has wide and narrow units. But the walls are decorated with extremely eye-catching wall decorations and frescoes. There are partridges and lions, pigeons, idols they believe in and mythological creatures that are very famous for that day.


Arcadium (Harbour) Street

The street, which was repaired and maintained by Emperor Arcadianus, is 530 meters long and 11 meters wide. Under the street, which is almost entirely covered with marble, sewage channels pass through. These canals also extend to the port. This was the main street where the heart of the city beat, that is, the point connecting the upper city to the lower city.


Celsus Library

While there are 700 thousand works in the Library of Alexandria, the Celsus Library, which is estimated to have 12 thousand works, is before you in all its glory. In fact, it was built as a mausoleum, but it attracts attention because it is the strongest structure that has survived from Ephesus.


Where is Ephesus Ancient City?

Ephesus is located in the Selçuk district of İzmir. It is one of the first touristic centers that come to mind when the Aegean is mentioned. It has survived from the ancient Greeks to the present day. The Ancient City of Ephesus is flooded by both domestic and foreign tourists every year.


What to Eat in Ephesus, Selcuk?

Visiting ancient cities is tiring, you feel hungry while walking between the columns, your thirst increases. As in the ruins, the prices of eating and drinking in cafes and similar places, which are limited in number in Ephesus, are high. You can take supplements with you from Selçuk. On the other hand, when you arrive in Selçuk district, large and small restaurants will welcome you. If you ask what to eat specific to the region, many places are famous for skewers.


When to go to Ephesus, Selcuk?

The best season for Ephesus is between May and September. Although the weather of Izmir is never in a condition to make you feel bad, the pleasure of summer is something else. If you are already planning to go with a tour, most travel agencies organize their tours during this period. If you ask our personal opinion, we see May or September as the best months to escape the flood of people. Thus, you can visit the ancient city of Ephesus with pleasure in the daytime and cool in the evening. You will also have the opportunity to take lots of photos.

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