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Article Oct 29, 2022

Car rental in Istanbul

982 admin Car rental in Istanbul

Everything about car rental in Istanbul

Turkey is one of the most popular travel destinations for Iranians. When you travel to Istanbul, you should stay in the hotel and enjoy your trip as much as you can. But Istanbul is not only limited to historical areas and every area and neighborhood has its own beauty. So what should we do to see all these beauties and tourist attractions?

 Rent a car in Istanbul

If you are looking for an easy and cheap trip to Istanbul, we recommend renting a car.

In recent years, with the increase in the number of Iranian travelers to Turkey, car rental from reputable companies that have years of experience and good reputation in their portfolio has increased.

Is it more economical to rent a car in Turkey?

Due to the high price of fuel in Turkey and the high cost of taxi, it has been one of the most expensive parts of the trip to Turkey.

It is a wide city, from its easternmost part in the Asian part to its westernmost part in the European region, you will be traveling for about 3 to 4 hours.

 In relatively short routes you have to pay about 80 to 100 liras and add to all this not knowing the language and being caught by hooded drivers who turn you around to get more money. In longer routes, for example from the airport to the hotel, more than 300 Lira will be the cost of the taxi fare. And when shopping in arcades and shopping centers, it will be troublesome to carry the purchased goods and equipment, especially at night

To solve this problem, you can easily choose a suitable car and rent it according to your budget and go wherever you want with your family without any restrictions.

The reliable choice of rent a car or a car rental company in Istanbul

Choosing the right company is a very important point, because many car rental companies in Istanbul are not companies and mostly act as intermediaries, and this will increase the price of the car and cause other problems for you in Istanbul.

Be sure to pay attention to these things when choosing a company

At the time of signing the car rental contract, pay attention to the date and time of car delivery.

 At the time of delivery of the car, check the body of the car completely to make sure of the health of the car, if you see any lines, scratches or damage, etc., take a picture of it and specify this issue in your contract. Of course, this issue is considered in reputable car rental companies.

Try to rent a car from companies that do not hold your passport. Most companies scan the passport and documents and return the original documents to you.

Ask the company to disinfect the car for you and deliver it to you clean.

Documents required to rent a car in Istanbul

To rent a car, you must present a series of valid documents in front of the car. And otherwise you cannot rent a car.

Credit card or credit card, passport, residence address and international certificate.

You should note that the Iranian certificate is not valid in Turkey. And you should prepare an international certificate before traveling. In the rest of the article, we will mention the conditions required to obtain an international certificate.

Conditions and documents required for Turkish driver's license for Iranians

Photographic report of the driver's health by a doctor

Four pieces of 6 x 5 passport photos

Depositing the costs related to obtaining a Turkish driver's license for Iranians, which can be paid in all banks in Turkey

Driver's blood type report


Original Iranian certificate

Official translation of Iranian certificate with seal

Color photocopy of the back and front of the translated certificate

The original birth certificate along with its official Turkish translation

Driving conditions without obtaining a Turkish and international license

You, dear ones, can drive in Turkey for 6 months with the official translation of your Iranian driver's license without the need for a Turkish or international driver's license

This certificate is ready within 24 hours and has the seal of the judiciary and traffic department of Turkey

Atiakar company can provide this work for you with a faster procedure

Required Documents

Photo or scan of the first page of the passport along with the entry stamp page (both must be valid for at least 1 year)

Original passport and certificate

Pay the required amount

Essential tips for renting a car in Istanbul

According to the insurance conditions, the age of the person who rents a car daily in Turkey must be at least 18 years old, and to rent luxury and large cars, the applicant must be 28 years old.

To rent luxury and large cars, at least three years must have passed since the date of issuance of the certificate.

If you plan to rent a car for several people, you must specify it in your contract before handing over the car so that there is no problem later.

Costs related to fines and possible damages, etc., must be insured. Therefore, when renting, you must block a certain amount as a deposit or in Turkish as a deposit on your credit card. This method is called Provizyon in Turkey. For Iranian tourists who do not have a credit card, an amount of 4,000 to 8,000 liras is usually received as a deposit.

To rent a car daily in Turkey, you must pay all or part of the rental fee at the time of rental by cash, credit card, bank transfer or PayPal account.

When receiving and delivering the car, the address and time of receipt and delivery must be specified. During the delivery of the car, a delay of one hour is not included in the fee, but for more than one hour, it is subject to an additional fee.

Ensure the fuel level when taking over the car. If there is excess fuel left in the car when it is delivered, you will not be paid for it.

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