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Article Apr 10, 2023

Sightseeing places around Istanbul

949 admin Sightseeing places around Istanbul

If you are traveling to the beautiful and amazing city of Istanbul, it is good to visit the sightseeing places around Istanbul. In addition to being full of beauty and wonder, the city of Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world where you can see the combination of a modern western city with a traditional eastern city, it also has attractive places around it. Most of the tourists who come to Istanbul also visit the sights around Istanbul.

In this article, we introduce you to the sightseeing, recreational and historical places around Istanbul. You can go to these interesting places based on your interests. It is enough to spend only one or more days to go to the sightseeing places around Istanbul in addition to Istanbul.


The historical city of Bursa

Behind the high peaks of the Oldag Mountains of Turkey, Bursa is a modern industrial city with an amazing historical core. It is one of the must-see places around Istanbul, which is 155 kilometers away. It was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, from where it moved to Constantinople (now Istanbul). ) and decided to conquer the Byzantine city. Although Bursa is a large city, most of its historical areas are located in the central area with small distances from each other and can be reached by walking. Various shopping centers, historical attractions, Oludagh ski resort for winter sports, delicious food such as Iskandar Kebab, etc. In this city, it attracts many tourists.

Bursa Grand Mosque has 20 domes. Although the construction of this mosque dates back to the Ottoman era, the architectural elements of the Seljuk era are evident in it. Sultan Bayezid Ildrum had promised to build 20 mosques if he won the crusades. After winning the war, he built the Grand Mosque with 20 domes to attract the attention of visitors to this unique building in all eras. The city of Bursa has only scattered monuments to see, but it is also the place of the tombs of Sultan Osman and Arhan, the founders. were the Ottoman Empire. The most beautiful mosque in Bursa is Yeshil Mosque and it displays complex tiling and beautiful calligraphy. In front of the mosque, there is Yeshil's tomb with a tiled altar.The nearby religious school is now the Turkish Museum of Islamic Art, which is worth a visit for travelers interested in Ottoman art and design.


Shileh and Awa

Shileh is a fishing village that has become a summer resort with its soft white sand. In addition to tourists, Istanbul residents also choose this beautiful place for sightseeing and entertainment.

The beautiful beach of this village is the main attraction of this area. Another attraction of this village is the castle that was built by the Genevans near the sea in the 14th century, and there is a lighthouse from the Ottoman period. This dreamy and historical village is one of the sights around Istanbul that you will not regret seeing.It is about 70 kilometers from the center of Istanbul to Şile. Unfortunately, there are limited public transportation facilities in this area, and traffic is often done by private cars or Skodar buses on the new Skodar-Sile highway in a 40-minute time frame. take We recommend renting a car if you plan to visit this area.Next to this village, the coastal town of Awa is located with amazing and beautiful views, which is a perfect place to sunbathe. Awa is one of the most populated coastal areas on the Black Sea coast, between the two rivers Yeşilçay (in the east) and Göksu (in the west). West) and is considered among the recreational destinations of Shileh region.




Çatalca is one of the popular areas of Istanbul for visitors. This city is located in the European part of Istanbul and on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. This city has many tourist attractions, including:

1- Lichburn amusement park: this amusement park is attractive for visitors due to its location in a natural and forested environment with facilities such as parking, restaurant and coffee shop.

2-Meliküre Mountains National Park: This national park with an area of ​​more than 3700 square kilometers is one of the beautiful natural attractions of Istanbul, which is suitable for tourists interested in climbing, hiking and fishing.

3-Innovation Park Science and Technology Park: This park was created with the aim of creating a space for research and development in the fields of technology and industry and is attractive for those interested in science and technology.

4- Dragoman Lake Dam: This dam with a beautiful view of the lake and surrounding green space is attractive for tourists because of its beautiful scenery.

5- Old Orhanli Castle: This castle is located in the center of Chatalja city and is attractive to visitors due to its fascinating history and structure.



Yalova is a beautiful city in the west of Turkey and near Istanbul, which has many attractive and touristic areas. Below are some of the best places to visit in Yalova:

Marimana National Park: This national park includes large waterfalls, rivers, valleys and green hills, which has many natural landscapes.

Aqua Fantasy: This water park is very popular during the summer and includes many water tunnels.

Yalova Castle: This castle with big stones and beautiful flag walls is one of the oldest and most important historical monuments of Yalova.

Tarbiat Mountain: This high and snowy mountain is a suitable place for climbing, walking and watching natural scenery.

Guzlokali Spa: This spa is located on the bank of the Yalovachai River and has water with a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. This spa is suitable for treating muscle and bone diseases, joints, gout and skin diseases.



Sapanja is located in Sakarya province, which is located in the northwest of Turkey. The city of Sapanja is located about 135 km southeast of Istanbul and is located in a mountainous and coastal area. Also, Sapanja lake, which is considered one of the attractions of this region, It is located near the city.

Many people live in traditional Veziba huts, which are very attractive to experience a different trip or holiday in nature. These huts are made of wood and stone, and some of them are located on the edge of Sapanja lake and others in the forests around the city. Some of the huts have modern facilities such as kitchen, bathroom and internet, while others have simpler facilities such as electricity from renewable sources and no internet. These huts provide a special and unique experience of living in nature for tourists. they do.

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