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Article Apr 5, 2023

Traffic rules in Türkiye

789 admin Traffic rules in Türkiye

Driving rules are the first thing that you should be familiar with before buying or renting a car. Because driving in Turkey, like Iran, has complications and difficulties. Especially in the city of Istanbul, due to the crowding, mastering the driving rules becomes more important.

The first rule that you must follow when driving in this country; Pedestrians have the right of way. For example, when turning right, pedestrians have the right of way, or you should slow down near pedestrian crossings.

While driving in Turkey like Iran, it is very important to maintain a long distance. Due to the heavy traffic and also the freedom of movement of animals, it sometimes causes drivers to make unexpected brakes if you don't observe the appropriate length distance; leads to an accident.

Driving in the desired lane and between lanes is also considered as one of the driving rules in Turkey.
Also, you must pay attention to the signs and traffic lights, otherwise you will be fined.
The most important rule while driving in Turkey is to wear a seat belt, which Turkish people adhere to. In addition, talking on the cell phone also involves a fine, but talking to Hanzferi is not a problem.
Driving while drunk and taking a passenger with a private car will also include a fine.

Important tips for driving in Türkiye

To drive in Turkey, you must be over 18 years old and avoid people under 12 years of age from sitting in the front seat of the car. Also, they usually don't use a guide to overtake or change lanes and inform other drivers with a horn or a light.

Important documents when driving in Türkiye

When you drive in Turkey; The license, car insurance, car tax deposit slip, car card, technical inspection and exhaust inspection card must be with you, and if they are not there, you will be fined.

The price of traffic fines in 2023

Due to the fact that we have just entered the year 2023, the exact tariffs of traffic violations in Turkey have not been published, but in the following, considering the prices of traffic fines in 2022, we will refer to the fine tariff of 2023.
Not wearing a belt: 436 liras
Passing the light: 951 lira
Use of mobile phone: 951 lira
Drifting: 20,342 lira
Car parking in prohibited places: 800 lira
Parking in a special place for the disabled: 873 lira
Resistance to alcohol test: 8.551 lira
Drunken driving: first time 4.064 liras and second time 5.096 liras
Driving under the influence of drugs 20,977 liras
Not having insurance: 436 liras
Not having a certificate: 8,190 liras
Not having a technical examination: 951 liras
Driving in the opposite direction: 2200 lira
Failure to respect the right of way for pedestrians: 888 liras
Overtaking in prohibited places: 951 lira

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